Meet Joshua - The Designer, Developer, and owner of Shade Designs!

Joshua - Designer, Developer, Owner

A little about me...

I grew up in a small town in Ohio that nobody has ever heard of (unless you live close to it) called Willard. This is where I learned that I wanted to be a web designer, and make awesome sites for businesses. I currently taught myself almost everything I know about web design, and plan to continue expanding my knowledge further. I currently know HTML 5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Bootstrap frameworks, and a little SQL.

About Shade Designs...

I created Shade Designs as an idea in my head during my first class in college. We had to imagine what our business name would be, and Shade Designs just stuck. At first, I was interested in doing solely just graphic design, but just a year and a half ago, I realized that I wanted to do web design and coding as well.

Values and Mission Statement

The values of Shade Designs are fairness in prices, and efficient designs to my clients. I will do my physical best to complete a client's site in a timely and fashionable manner that will allow them to have a site to represent them. This will allow them to be noticed, whether it's a personal (blog) or a company website. Each website created will follow strict guidelines to maintain quality with efficiency. Shade Designs will follow a reputation of professionalism while remaining friendly to clients that respects their wishes in design for their website while giving them advice on how to better their ideas. My values and mission are to make websites, both professional and personal so that everyone can show their work and/or their products online so they are available to anyone and everyone. I plan to have a loyal and dedicated customer growth by providing quality and efficiency to all my clients.